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Wed, Nov 23


Los Angeles

DND Guild Weds Session Sessions are Weds from 4pm to 8pm and Saturdays 6pm to 10pm. Come play in Galcia (A world created by GNG Staff) in 5e DND. Every Session is a one shot so no pressure to show up every week.

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DND Guild Weds Session
DND Guild Weds Session

Time & Location

Nov 23, 2022, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Los Angeles, 21727 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA

About the event

Well met, travelers, and welcome to Quaybound!

Welcome to the official Game N' Grounds Dungeons & Dragons Guild. You are all here because you've come from far off lands to join in the world's finest Adventuring Guild. This channel (and the character rules channel) will be your quick-stop for everything you need to know about joining and playing in these adventures, and will take less than 5 minutes to read start to finish.

So What is Quaybound?

Quaybound (pronounced "key-bound") is the in-universe guild name of our store hosted long-term campaign. It is comprised of dozens of players and multiple dungeon masters all collaborating together into a multitude of small, one-shot adventures loosely tied into one long, overarching story. The point of this is to cultivate an environment where players can jump in and out as their availability allows without the worry of missing important story beats.

How to Sign Up

The Quaybound campaign will be offered at a monthly "guild tithing" fee of $25 for 4 sessions, or $50 for an unlimited number of sessions in a month. However, anyone with an appropriate character sheet may come in and sit down on a per-session basis, if they wish, at $10 per session.

Using the Discord

Virtually everything regarding the Guild and its activities can be found here on this Discord. Not every channel needs to be used, but Discord use will be critical to maximize your engagement with the story and your fellow guild members. Below is a short guide on how to get the most out of your experience.

character-creation-rules  is where you can find the rules on how to make your character, as well as the house rules included in our campaign. Please note, these are subject to change.

character-submissions is where players submit screenshots of their character sheets for DM review.

session-sign-ups is where you'll be able to sign up for upcoming sessions. Jump-ins are allowed, but using the sign up secures your spot in that session. (The more accurate our RSVPs are, the better your DM can tailor your experience.)

session-recaps Once a session is finished, one player will be asked to write a recap detailing what happened during that adventure. These recaps are important for record keeping and will serve to keep everyone in the guild in the loop with the goings-on.

guild-rp is your chance to enjoy leisure time between adventures at the Guild Hall. Talk (in character!) with other guild members, chat about recent escapades and future plans!

ooc-discussions Questions, comments, or other general talk goes here! Anything you want to talk about regarding the game that doesn't fit into one of the other channels should be brought here.



[4:36 PM]

Guild Rules

Cultivating and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere is imperative to ensure everyone is having fun. Please observe the following standards we will hold all players to (as always, all rules also apply).

1. Respect. Respecting others is the most important thing to keep in mind when playing with us. Respect your DMs, your fellow players, and everyone else inside of the shop while playing. No bullying or harassment of any kind, and no comments, in-game or otherwise, that involve discrimination of any kind.

2. Patience. The players at every table will have varying knowledge of game mechanics. Be kind, understanding, and patient. This is a hobby that welcomes everyone. Nobody likes a gatekeeper.

3. Keep it PG. In-game content, whether it be profanity, gratuitous violence, or adult themes, should stay within the realm of a PG movie.

4. DM has final say over rules. Disagreements are fine, but keep it respectful and accept their final decision.

5. Play well with others. You (and your character) should remember that this is a cooperative experience. Hostility and antagonism, in character or otherwise, is not acceptable at our tables. Playing your character as selfish or having ulterior motives is fine, but it should never come at the expense of others' fun.


  • Single Session

    +$0.25 service fee

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