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Can you keep the points flowing in Rally Roll?

On a turn, you roll the five small dice and one large die at the same time, scoring as many points as the sum of the number faces on the small dice that match the color of the large die. You can stop and bank those points, or you can roll again. You can keep rolling until you want to stop (adding any points scored that turn to previously banked points) or until the large die doesn't match any of the small dice, in which case your turn ends and you score no points. You score ten or twenty bonus points if the small dice all match the face of the big die, with more points for the less common color — and if you roll the rarest color on all six dice, you win the game instantly.

Players take turns until someone has banked fifty or more points, after which everyone gets one final turn, ending with the player who first broke the 50-point threshold. Whoever has the most points wins!

2-99 Players, Age: 8+

Rally Roll

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