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Scruffy’s Treasure Hunt is a game for two to four players that takes place on the tropical shores of Porthole Island. In Scruffy’s Treasure Hunt, each player chooses a character, then sets off to explore and excavate a vast beach to accumulate the biggest, most valuable treasure hoard.

Players take turns rolling dice, moving around the board, and placing digs on dig tiles. There are four kinds of dig tiles: Light sand tiles require a single dig, deep sand requires two digs, water tiles require three, and X tiles require four digs.

When a player has enough digs on a dig tile, that player flips the dig tile and collects a reward or trap. Players will draw rewards from common, uncommon, rare, and legendary decks, as well as a pile of Monies coins.

Once the entire beach has been dug up, players count the value of their treasure cards and Monies coins, add endgame bonuses to their score, and the player with the most Monies wins.

2-4 Players, Age: 6+

Scruffy's Treasure Hunt

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